This is the topic that gets my juices flowing. After mods & conversions, this facet of tube amp construction gels experiments & designs to fruition.
Weber 5E3P ~ProLuxe Pro~ Series
5E3 with 6L6
This amp is a leap of faith. I had such good success with the first "ProLuxe" project that the decision to create my fist line of brand new amps, utilizing a design from Weber Speaker Company, was a no brainer. Plenty of headroom & a great clean sound is just some of the benefits gained from this super lightweight combo. Weber products included in this combo are their famous Blue Dog 12" Hemp speaker & Iron (PT, OT & Choke). Check the project overview page for further delineations.
Classic 5F6A ~Bassman Tweed~
The 60's Fender 5F6A Bassman Amp was the catalyst that propelled Jim Marshall to create his company. This classic amplifier started out with four ten inch speakers in a single combo setup. In the following years Leo Fender migrated it into a head with a completely new configured cabinet & left guitarists moving to the Super Reverb layout for that legendary sound. Well the design has stood the test of time as one of the all-time best ever tube amp created & I combined the system into a Marshall head for the working musician.
This Fender 5F6A Bassman Amp was inspired from the first Tweed Bassman tube amp I built. I combined an Aluminum chassis with the best components available into a Blonde headbox. Along with KT66 output tubes, beefed-up filter cap section & 50 watt iron, this amp will work for both Guitarists & Bassists alike. To complete the system, I found the best cabinet design, the Electro-Voice TL-606. EV's engineering enable the width to be expanded to accommodate the headbox & create one great amplifier.
Speakers & Cabinets are key components for the color of your sound & should be intensely studied in the initial design stage of your tube amplifier project. Take into account speaker; quantity, size, age, type & cone construction. Cabinet types are; open/closed/reflex, wood type & resonance frequency, to name the main essentials. Another angle of attack is to try options, serendipitously. What if I put a 45 plus year old speaker with a new amp? Or, what if I give a brand new Hemp Cone Vintage model a try? Could one speaker be replaced with two? Since I play Jazz, would AlNiCo speakers be better?

I have assembled two identical amp chassis but combined them into two completely different cabinets with totally different variation of color, even after swapping the two amps. I took another pair of similar amps & put them into similar cabinets with completely different speakers. Through this experimentation process, I have come across unique sounds. So when you think there's nothing new under the sun? Bam, the game changes.

The Electro-Voice TL-606 falls into the 'build to suit' camp. EV's engineering enables the width to be expanded to accommodate the width of the Blonde headbox & created one great amplifier. The Blonde Bassman I teamed it up with, turned this project into a superior combo. So much so, that our bassman had to have it. Normally the EV cabinet is sanded & sealed with polyurethane but this cabinet was Tolex covered, except for the front. The speaker was also covered with a grille for protection & expaned aluminum placed to close up the bass port.

A Celestion Bass speaker was chosen because of the glowing reviews I read & it is perfect. The finished cabinet looks heavy but looks are deceiving. It's surprizingly light & easy to manage. With dual 1/4" jacks, it would be very easy to add a second cabinet for extra coverage.